Kegunaan dan Macam Katalis


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  1. Om Zaz Said:

    Guide, nyolok2 slot neh..hehehe…untuk daftar catalyst dan apa pengaruhnya bisa dilihat pada gambar

    First, look for Alchemist and speak to him.
    When you are speaking to the Alchemist, click on ‘Upgrade’ button to upgrade your item (all items with slots!!!) and then a new menu will appear. This is a slotted item for example:

    -The Item space is to put the weapon or armour inside you want upgrading, the core space is to put your force core inside (you can also but low-, medium- or high core inside with the force core because it will increase the chance of being succesful). The Catalyst space is where you have to put another slotted weapon / armour inside and this determines your special upgrade.

    -You also can put a second force cores inside and can get a chance at getting a level 2 upgrade but its completely random what you get.

    -When all is done you can klick on the “try Upgrade” button. Now it can fail or success. I hope you get a success!

    Some Tips:
    1.Only use low cores for increase the succes rate!!! (thats important or you lose to much money)
    2.The best lvl 1 Upgrades are hp and critic! (you can only make hp on suits and boots and critic on helm and weopen, for gloves much choose attack but you can also try lvl 2 upgrades)
    3. First chance to get a succes is 75% (if you have a double slotted item the second slot will have a 50% chance)
    4. You also can increase the succes chance with a catalyst which have +X (1,2,3,4,5…) which give 3% more.

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